Cash and Ring Games Explanation

‘Cash games’, also sometimes referred to as ‘ring games’ or ‘side games’, are poker games played without a predetermined buy-in, although there is usually a minimum buy-in amount. Buy-ins are calculated in real amounts, meaning players can only purchase cash ring game chips according to the chip balance in their account. This is different to tournament play, where chips are not convertible for real amounts, as tournament players will usually receive approximately 1,500 tournament chips, no matter the amount of the tournament buy-in.

Players can join and leave a cash game as they please. If a player loses their chips, they do not have to leave the table. If they have enough money remaining in their account, they can simply add more chips to the table.

Also cash game table limits do not increase. If a player wants to raise or lower the stakes they are playing at, they must leave the table and find one with limits more to their liking. Again this is different to tournament games, where blinds and antes are raised at every level of play.

When you leave the table, any chips you had are automatically credited to your account. However, you may not partially cashout your chips – you must leave with all of them if you wish to do so, but you can leave the table at any time.

Also, playing ring games can fast track you to weekly rewards. With hundreds of hands being dealt every hour, the sheer volume of play allows you to rack up cashback points at a speedy rate. Earn enough cashback points and we will reward you with a weekly bonus – up to an equivalent of 20% rakeback!

Poker European is proud to offer a diverse amount of  Texas Hold’em and Omaha for its players.

Our tables cover all limits. Stakes begin at 0.01/0.02 with games reaching as high as 200/400!